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About the Institution

Establishment of the Bombay Physical Culture Associations (BPCA)

The Bombay Physical Culture Association  (BPCA) was established on 29th June 1935, by three eminent personalities namely Late Padmashri Dr. Krishnaji Shripad alias Bapusaheb Mhasker, Late Namaskaracharya Shri. J. K. alias Bhausaheb Soman and Late P. H. alias Nanasaheb Khadilkar.

These founders were initially inspired by the Akhil Maharashtra Sharirik shikshan Mandal, an Association which was established in 1927 at Pune and working in the field of Physical Education in Maharashtra State.  In the same year, they established “Bombay Physical Culture Association” informally, which is also known as “Mumbai Sharirik Shikshan Mandal” in Marathi version.

In the year 1960 the institution has acquired the area administered 9152 sq. yard from Mumbai Municipal Corporation on permanent lease at Naigaum Cross Road, Wadala, Mumbai-31, where the institution has provided an ideal infrastructure and facilities including playground, stadium, laboratory, hostel, administrative building etc. under one roof, which is popularly known  as Bharatiya Krida Mandir.

At present the “Bombay Physical Culture Association” is a registered public trust under the Bombay Public Trust Act of 1950 as well as it has been also registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1860.  The Association has today on its role more than its 1000 active institutions, clubs, akhadas, schools, colleges and gymnasiums representing the vast multude and cross section of the cosmopolitan public of Greater Mumbai.

Objectives of Bombay Physical Culture Association

  • To create interest among people regarding physical education, exercise and games so as to improve community health.
  • To conduct scientific research studies on various exercise systems and games so as to formulate uniformity in implication in our society. 
  • To publish literature on physical education, exercise, games and health for common public and scientific community.
  • To provide mental, intellectual and moral education relating to physical education.
  • To render cooperation to various institutions and persons working in the fields of physical education, if their work is related to the objectives of the Association. 
  • To develop sports complexes and to purchase land and / or construct buildings. 
  • To create institutions of physical education or association of teams of games as well as to try to bring uniformity in their function.
  • To help economically and in other ways according to the capacity of the Association to the member institution or the institution or persons working the field of exercise and sports for motivating them.
  • To establish or to help in establishing school, colleges and university for achieving higher standard of exercise, physical education and games.

Means and Functions of Bombay Physical Culture Association

  • The “Bombay Physical Culture Association” accepted the concept of Indian Physical Culture as a movement.
  • The Association stresses on the promotion of National Games with a view to generate spirit of nationalism among the students and younger generation.
  • Establishes Organizations including Akhadas, Vyayamshalas, Hu-tu-tu clubs. 
  • Organizes seminars and conferences, and classes for referees and physical training leaders.
  • Demonstrates games and sports.
  • Publishes sports literature and magazine devoted to physical culture, recreation, health and allied subjects. 
  • Standardizes the Rules for Indian games with a view to bring about uniformity and to provide a better standard and quality of games.

Other important means and functions of the institution are

  • To organize and conduct competitions, demonstrations, gatherings, discussions, lectures, conferences, seminars, workshops, physical education classes, officiating classes, coaching classes etc.
  • For broad basing and propagating the physical education, games and sports, health and exercise systems, it was decided to conduct various tournaments and competitions by the institution.
  • To establish the library of books related to exercise, physical education, sports, nutrition, health and allied disciplines.
  • To establish museums related to the exercise, health, sports, nutrition and diet.
  • To establish and run the well equipped remedial center for health, physical education and exercise.

Present Working Status

  1. Runs College of Physical Education from the year 1978.
  2. Organizes /Conduct – Seminar, workshops, Competitions, tournaments of various games and sports at different levels.
  3. Runs – Sports Training Center associated with Alumni Association for school going children for the principle ‘Catch them Young and Coach them Well’ in different games and sports under able guidance in providing ample infrastructure and facilities.
  4. Publishes books, journals, periodicals, rule books etc. for dissemination of  knowledge regarding  exercise, games, sports and allied sciences.
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