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  ICT enabled class room

Research center

Recognized research center in field of Physical education and sports

The institution mainly promotes research in Physical Education, Yoga and Sports Sciences.  The institution runs an approved Research Center.  The University of Mumbai has permitted to enroll 10 PG students for Ph.D. degree in Physical Education in the institution.  The University of Mumbai has awarded eight students of the institution for Ph.D. degree in Physical Education, during last seven years.  The teachers of the institution are also undertaking Major and Minor Research Projects sponsored by University Grants Commission


Sports Medicine & Health Education laboratory

Well furnished and equipped Sports Medicine & Health Education laboratory

    Name of the Equipment
    1. B.P. Apparatus
    2. Digital Body Fat Monitor
    3. Electronic Bicycle     Ergometer
    4. Ergo graph     
    5. First-Aid box   
    6. Flexomeasure  
    7. Flexibility Testing Apparatus
    8. Goniometer     
    9. Grip Dynamometer
    10. Geometry compass Box
    11. Grips
    12. Infra-Red lamp
    13. Ice Box
    14. Knee jerk Apparatus
    15. Leg & Back Dynamometer
    16. Measuring Tapes
      1. 50 Meter (Cotton)|
      2. 30 Meter (Fiber)
      3. 30 Meter (Steel)
      4. 03 Meter (Steel)
    17. Tailor Tape (Cotton)
    18. Meter Scale
    19. Medicine Ball
    20. Microscope
    21. Nostril Dominance Apparatus
    22. Plyometric Boxes
    23. Peak Flow Meter
    24. Reaction Time Apparatus
    25. Respiratory Exerciser
    26. Stethoscope
    27. Skin fold Caliper
    28. Spiro meter
    29. Sliding molder Width Caliper
    30. Stediometer
    31. Stop Watches
    32. Human Skeleton
    33. Sit & Reach Flexibility Tester
    34. Thermometer
    35. Wooden Balance Test     
    36. Weighing Machine
    37. Models On Various System & Body Parts
    38. Charts On Various System & Body Parts
    39. Height Measuring Tape
    40. Eye Hand Coordination Test Apparatus
    41. Computer
    42. First aid Box
    43. Magnum Auto Trade Mill
    44. ECG Machine
    45. Body Fat Monitor
    46. G. Pulse Proline
    47. Weighing Machine


Today computer literacy and information technology has become the part and parcel of today’s world. Our professionals (i.e., Physical Education) must have abilities to face this new challenge. To meet the same, the College has made all possible efforts to train some of the teaching and non-teaching staff members in computer applications.  For its wide application among the student-teachers and for community services, our College is Established separate Computer Laboratory.  Advanced Information and Communication Technology laboratory, Internet with LAN connectivity and digital scanning facilities.

Education Technology & Psychology Lab.

Well furnished and equipped Educational Technology & Psychology laboratory

Equipment Related to Educational Technology

Name of the Equipment
  1. Public Address System
  2. Slide Projector
  3. Tape Recorder
  4. T.V. Set
  5. Over head Projector
  6. Video Cassette Player
  7. Magnetic Compass
  8. Computer (Available in ICT Lab.)
  9. Compact Disc
  10. Video Cassettes Display
  11. Internet Facility (Available in ICT Lab)
  12. Fax Machine (Available in Office)
  13. Xerox Machine (Available in Office)
  14. Cyclostyle Machine (Available in Office)
  15. LCD (Available in ICT Lab)
  16. Sony Handicam HC 42 E
  17. Various System Charts
  18. Experiment Material Charts
  19. Athletic Charts
  20. Yogasana Charts

Psychology Laboratory

Name of the Equipment
    1. Academic Anxiety scale for children
    2. Test for mental fatigue
    3. State Anxiety Scale
    4. Mental Health Check list
    1. Alexander Scale Test
    2. Koh’s block designed Test
    3. Passalong Test
    4. Test of Intelligence
    1. Techistoscope
    2. Mirror drawing board with screen
    3. Test of Perseveration
    4. Letter Symbols Substitute Test
    5. Distraction of Attention Test
    1. Judgment wooden blocks
    2. Photographs (a set of 40) for recognition
    3. Size and weight illusion
    4. Recall & Recognition
    5. S.I. M. Visual Auditory
    6. Human memory
      1. Long term memory
      2. short term memory
  5. Personality Measurement
    1. 16 PF Test
    2. Kundu Introversion Extroversion Inventory
    3. High School Personality Questionnaire
    4. Neyman-Kholestedt Diagnostic Test
    5. Maze Test
    6. Self ConceptQuestionnaire
    7. Swatva Bodh Parikshan
    8. Adjustment Inventory for school student
    9. H. J. Eysenck’s M.P.I.
    10. The personality inventory


Fully computerized Library 


Year of Establishment June, 1978
Area 1100 sq.ft.
Seating Capacity Students – 75
Staff member/ Research Scholars 10
Working days/hours 9.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. (Monday to Friday)
  9.30 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. (Saturday)
  Also made available during Diwali vacation, Winter break, Summer vacation as well as and when required.
Software  Library management software of Db system online, Windows xp 
Computerized activities Accessioning
  Lending of books and Audio visual materials
  Cataloguing (in progress)
  Information Retrieval
  Internet facility (through ICT lab)
Total  Collection  
Books 5573
Reference Books 150
Periodicals/Journals 35
CDs 40
M.P.Ed. 127
M.Phil.   4
Ph.D. 16
 Project Reports 5
Synopsis 10

Sports training center 

Sports training center conducted by Alumni association

Age group For 5 yrs to 15 yrs school boys and girls.
Duration  Regular one year
Sports / Activity Gymnastics, Mallakhamb, Yogasana, Suryanamaskar, Athletics, Skating, Aerobics, Acrobatics, Trampoline, Fitness training etc.
Fees For one year Rs. 2000/-
For Admission Bombay Physical Culture Association’ S College of Physical Education,Bharatitya Kreeda Mandir, Naigaum Cross Road, Wadala, Mumbai- 400 031. Tel. no. (O): 022 - 2416 86 09

Maintanance Policies

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